Corporate Training Workshop At INIDISMART Hotel by Mr Praveen Bajaj

Career Skills Academy has been very active in assisting and guiding coprorate leaders to build a very efficient workforce with its expertise in corporate training on different subjects.

Career Skills in association with Manavpower organizes two day long workshop on Advanced Excel held in Indismart Hotel on 23rd and 24rth August 2013 from 10 am to 5 pm  with participants from many reputed companies like  United Breweries Ltd, P&H JOY MINING equipment india ltd and many more.

We received great response and the method of training has been widely appreciated. The workshop was conducted by Mr Praveen Bajaj

Resume Writing Session At Career Skills Academy Dalhousie Centre On 17th August, 2013

Why do we need a well-organized resume?

Time and again we have heard our elders reminding us that the first impression is the last impression and what gives our potential recruiters our first impression is our resume. It is very easy to lose ourselves in the crowd of thousands of job aspirants. So the impression that our resume gives of us is the only window of opportunity that we will have to showcase our skills and abilities to our future employers . Thus, I cannot really stress enough the importance of having a well-organized, functional resume where we have detailed all our relevant achievements so that it captures the attention of our potential employer. Thus, today in this professional world it is important that we furnish the right information about ourselves in our resumes. Written properly, our resumes will stand out in the throng of countless resumes that find their way into the hands of potential recruiters. We must keep it in mind that our future employers will spare only a glance at our resumes and so it is of utmost importance that all the years that you have spent studying and working finds proper representation in the resume. Also I cannot stress enough the importance of being honest. If we fib our details, we not only put ourselves at the danger of losing credibility as well as any further chance of finding employment in the market.

How is Career Skills Academy planning to help you?

Thus, to make this uphill task of creating an ideal resume easier Career Skills Academy is conducting a free session on Resume writing on August 17th 2013 at our Dalhousie Centre.

Who will conduct the session?

This session, conducted by our faculty member, Srikant Baheti, will focus on teaching the job aspirants how to compile all the relevant details of their life in a well-organized resume which help them get a job in the field where they want to.

All are invited!!

We at Career Skills Academy cordially invite all our current students, ex-students and job aspirants to come and attend our session and join us in our mission of helping create a dynamic, youthful work force that will find employment in the booming and blooming industries of India.

Corporate Training Workshop At INDISMART Hotel by Mr. Vineet Patawari

CareerSkills Academy has been an active trainer in the field of Corporate Training and has helped many companies to train their employees in various handy skills like Advanced Powerpoint, Excel,  Business Communication etc..

Recently We, at CSA, had the opportunity to be the knowledge partner to Manavpower. In a two days long workshop on Advanced Excel held in Indismart Hotel on 26th and  27th July 2013, from 10a.m. to 5p.m., nineteen delegates from some companies like Wipro, Indian Oil, KND Engineering Technologies Ltd., Standard Forms & Stationery  Pvt. Ltd etc. participated.

This event was an immense success and our method of training has been widely appreciated. The workshop was conducted by our mentor, Mr. Vineet Patawari.

Career Skills Academy With Jadavpur University

Career Skills Academy has ventured into Jadavpur University under the guidance of Mr Srikant Baheti.

The enthusiasm of the Mathematics Department is an evidence of the fact that topics like “Successful Handling of Interviews” have recently gained grounds as the stepping stone of success in each and every sphere.

Importance of Soft Skills is something which can never be denied or ignored.

Soft Skills Workshop At IIT Kharagpur

Career Skills Academy has now extended its services to the outskirts of Kolkata. We have successfully conducted a workshop on Soft Skills with one of the eminent institutes of India, IIT Kharagpur.

The IIT-ians gained an opportunity to be with Industry Experts like Ms. Mandakini Negi, who has an extensive knowledge base, alongwith our esteemed Director, Mr. Vineet Patawari, the co-founder of Career Skills Academy. The training process involved activities to help them handle their interviews tactfully. On the other hand, the area of non-verbal communication was also focused upon,keeping in mind how basic factors like Body Language can impact in making an effective communication.

The active involvement of the participants throughout the session has proved how effective the trainers have been in drawing a holistic approach towards developing the skills.

Career Skills Academy Proudly Celebrates Its Annual Event At Gyaan Manch

As a mark of successful completion of one year of knowledge contribution to society, CareerSkills organized a thought provoking discussion on “The Growing Significance of Vocational Training & its Industry Impact in Indian Scenario”

It was a very proud moment for everyone at CS because luminaries like Amitava Chatterjee, HOD Economics, Presidency University and Prof. Ajay Pathak, Director – IBS Kolkata along with Sunil Toshniwal, Lalit Chetani, Rahul Poddar (Promoter of Propello), Abhishek Khemka (Bazaar Kolkata and Metro Bazaar) and IPS Durbojyoti Dey shared their insights with all of us on the importance of Vocational Training in Indian Scenario.