Recruitment Assistance

Career Skills Academy believes in making each and every individual knowledgeable as well as independent. After imparting the knowledge aspect we assist our students in getting employed so that they become independent and achieve there career goals. Imparting practical knowledge has been our main focus which makes our students ready to work for an organization from the very first day. Hence if you have manpower requirement then kindly get in touch with us. We are dedicated to bridge the gap between qualified and employable. We do not charge anything for placement/recruitment assistance to either the students or the recruiters.

Recruitment Process

Placement Process

Our Recruiters

IIP KS Agro Ashwini Infra

Shreeje Diary
Zee Web Valley
Sewing Machineries & Spares

Relative Kredent

Letter Of Intent

The Letter of Intent (LOI) shows the confidence that our recruiters have on us and our students. It show cases the job opportunities available for our students after they complete their course.