Vision and Mission


“To foster an ideal educational environment & to provide industry interface to nurture talent and create industry ready Human Resource“.

Economic growth of a developing country line India is always in need of constant availability of skilled and employable human resource. To help India achieve this target, Career Skills Academy will emerge as a leading provider of education services, nurturing young talents and thereby enhancing the skill level of human resource.


“Career Skills Academy is committed to bringing the best career oriented training programs for students and professionals around the nation. CSA would thrive to identify the true need of an individual candidate and fulfill all expectations for his/her holistic career development.”

Career Skills Academy is dedicated to deliver Vocational education and competitive examination preparatory.  CSA respects the dignity, worth and potential of each and every student. This is done by creating an environment where knowledge is acquired and developed, where creative activities seek to enrich the experiences of the student to be prepared for a strong career.

Another crucial part of mission is to develop citizens who are equipped to make positive contributions to the “common good of society”, an inherent part of Academy’s mission statement.